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If your child is struggling with myopia, whether they’ve just been diagnosed or have been squinting for months, eye care experts Sylwia Szewczyk, OD, and Joanna Luty, OD, at Ideal Family Eye Care, LTD Sylwia Szewczyk, OD & Associates in the Jefferson Park neighborhood of Chicago have an excellent solution. Orthokeratology (ortho-k) is a powerful and highly effective tool for myopia control in children. Use the online scheduling tool or call the office to learn more today.

Myopia Control in Children Q & A

Can you stop myopia in children?

Absolutely! With a treatment called ortho-k, it's possible to reshape your child's eyes by having them wear specialized contact lenses at night.

Through this treatment, your child can slow myopia progression while they sleep. Ortho-k is the only FDA-approved method of myopia control in children and teenagers.

How does ortho-k myopia control in children work?

Ortho-k lenses, called retainer lenses, are rigid gas-permeable lenses that sit atop your child's eyes while they sleep. The gentle and steady pressure from the lenses helps to flatten your child's corneas slightly.

By wearing the lenses every night, your child's daytime vision may improve significantly in as little as a few days. For higher prescriptions, it could be a few weeks. Your child may not need eyeglasses or contact lenses during the day if they're wearing their ortho-k lenses every night.

Is my child a good candidate for ortho-k myopia control?

If your child has myopia and they seem to need a new prescription every time they have a comprehensive eye exam, they might be an excellent candidate.

Ortho-k requires help from you as the parent, too: Many children need help with lens insertion and removal, so your child’s suitability depends partly on whether you’re committed to the process.

How long does my child need to wear ortho-k lenses?

It depends on your child’s specific vision problem. To experience continued vision correction your child needs to keep wearing the ortho-k lenses at night.

If your child stops wearing the lenses, their corneas eventually return to their former shape and the myopia returns as well. With consistent wear, your child can potentially halt myopia progression completely.

How long do ortho-k lenses work for myopia control?

Most patients need to replace their ortho-k lenses every year or two. Over time, ortho-k lenses accumulate deposits that can cause warping, which interferes with the effectiveness of the corneal shaping.

Bring your child’s ortho-k lenses to their annual comprehensive eye exam so their Ideal Family Eye Care doctor can determine whether replacement is needed.

Want to stop the steady march of myopia? Ortho-k may be exactly what your child needs. To learn more about how your child can sleep their way to clear vision, call Ideal Family Eye Care or book an appointment online now.


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